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Lady Aneessa

Lady Aneessa

Lady Aneessa has one of those oddly melodic voices that work equally well singing something upbeat and funky as it does the more socially recognized sweet pop music or a smoky ballad. Her voice is both quiet and breathy, and then it’s powerful enough to melt the paint off your walls. Her songwriting is sharp and always emotional; you hang on every word. On “I Am A Woman” she is passionate, emotive and confessional while the heartfelt lyrics and her amazing voice brings the song to life.

You can tell Lady Aneessa is singing from her soul. You can’t deliver lyrics like this and have them sound genuine if they aren’t. It manages to capture that strong desire for connection with a partner that has betrayed her faith and love. It’s a song that captures the raw emotions of humanity’s most primal urge and the joys and delusions that go along with it.

Music is therapy, and Lady Aneessa has a lot of emotion to work through on this track. I felt there is more heart and authenticity on this track than on any of her previous offerings. Her angelic voice perfectly lends itself to bittersweet stories of love and hurt. These narrative songs like “I Am A Woman”, are expressed through a transparent vulnerable emotionality that is Lady Aneessa’s voice, a voice that allows her soul to move others who are similarly situated in the depths of despair, but ready to resurge with the strength of a fully grown woman. The song is supported by well-produced video  and can  be seen on Lady Aneessa’s website.

Lady Aneessa works each song with a sense of professionalism and confidence. The album is infectious and despite the fact of the language barrier -with most of the songs being sung in French – it should garner the praises of many critics. All 14 tracks are high quality and diverse enough to keep the album from ever becoming boring.

Lady Aneessa has really come out on a superior note with this album. She has the hybrid gift of combining the grit and the sultry. She will get you to dance, then chill out and then get engrossed in the free flowing melodies of her songs. And when she sings: “After 8am stress sitting in a cage, I have to turn the page, in a lounge bar somewhere together with my evening friends”, you know that “Ce soir”  should be the soundtrack to that evening !

Available now on iTunes Store